Thursday, March 08, 2007


Found a couple of excellent blog articles recently... links have been added to the 'Blogs Of Distinction' List on the right hand side:

Firstly Hoyazo, the 'Hammer Player' has done a brilliantly measured piece on the debate on skill levels in tournaments vs cash games. This is a long standing rivalry and his article manages to look at both sides of the argument in a neutral yet articulate way. Have my own thoughts on this subject which will be saved for another day.

Secondly, the Surly Poker Gnome talks about 3 betting (aimed at short handed cash games). Liked this piece very much, especially due to the current 'rock-like' nature of my cash play, will experiment with more 3-betting over the coming days and weeks... should be fun against the Titan fish if nothing else... anyway a well written piece and worth a read.

Just an update from yesterday's post on beats - one comment and one mail asking how I am able to be so cold about this.... well the truth is that beats irritate me as much as anyone! The angle I wanted to highlight is to keep things in perspective and let that irritation be a couple of seconds yelling "donnnnnkkkkk' rather than affect your game - no beats = no potential for profit right!!

Video turning into a nightmare - screens now ok, rendered, formatted and ready - audio all messed up and will need to be redone... will get there eventually!!!!

Cheers and GL,



BurnleyMik said...

Evening Mark,

Saw your comment in Hoy's blog and thought I would check you out. Being a fellow Englishman, are there are blogger poker tourneys (such as the one's Hoy and Co. play in) that run on a more similar time zone to GMT? I would be interested to hear if you know of any. Anyway keep up the good work.


Game101 said...

Really nice post on tilt.

Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Hi Burnleymik, There are some other tourneys around more suitable for UK / EU players but these seem to be smaller things.

People on various forums etc ask about a SNG League too - think I might have come up with a forumla for running such a thing.... watch this space!

Cheers, Mark

Fuel55 said...

Dont forget about me sunshine.

BurnleyMik said...

thanks Mark. I will watch this space.. I think this would be very successful. Plus you get all the kudos on other blogs if you are the champ..... ;-)


Gnome said...

Thanks for the linkage! I'll put you on my blogroll and become a regular reader.