Friday, March 02, 2007

Jump-Off Page for Stars Sunday Million Satellites Articles

Feeling organised again today - this will be the 2nd Jump-off page, this time for the articles on Poker Stars Sunday Million Satellites...

Clicking each link should open a new window for that article...

Overview of the types of Sunday Million Satellites Available

Double Shootout Strategy - Table #1

Double Shootouts table #2 - ICM + Strategy Guide

On the off chance that you are not already a Stars player (why not??!?) then there is a link near the top on the right hand side!

Cheers, Mark


Anonymous said...


The "A Comedy of Errors" email response appears not to be working.
Have entered details on seperate occasions and had no response.



Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

hmmm, thats strange... drop me a mail to and I will send you a copy directly.

Will have a look into it!

Cheers, Mark