Thursday, March 22, 2007

General Update + Small PLO Starting Hands Insight

Has been a successful return to the tables for me after those 11 days off... Titan Poker seems to have more traffic (other sites joining the network) so yesterday afternoon I 8-tabled their SNGs for the first time. The great thing was that there was only 1 other person on more than 3 tables (and quite frankly he was awful!!). Made a decent return playing a mix of $11's to $33's so all good. Link to Titan on the right (not US-Friendly i'm afraid...).

Also played a few WSOP Satellite tournaments on Stars... no good in those but did manage (with the help of some inspired folding) to win a seat in the Wednesday $300 for $320 Tournament Dollars playing a $6+R Turbo Rebuy. These can be used for SNGs so almost as good as cash. Rough calculation of $1200 up on the month to date... not bad but could do better!!

Still reading those books and found an interesting thought in the Pot Limit Omaha section of Doyle Brunson's Super System 2... I really only dabble in the game at the lower limits (up to $50 buy-in as a rule) and am aware of position / starting hands / nut outs etc etc. The new thought was to look at the number of opponents in a hand and multiply their hands (in comparison to Holdem) by 6!

Since there are 6 combinations of 2 cards in everyones starting hands it could be useful, when taking a flop, to ask yourself what chance of someone hitting if there were 6, 12, 18 or even 24 holdem hands against you... the answer of course is very high. Thought provoking for me at least, will work on my PLO game and hope to move up the limits soon. Playing AAxx hands was also interesting for me - will look into this further and write up some thoughts at some point.

GL at the tables,


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