Thursday, March 01, 2007

Feb Stats - But Not The Usual Ones!!

Quick Roundup Time... but talking about my results is not that interesting really - so after a couple of lines on me I'll write about you instead - that is visitors to Plan3t Gong!

Me: A Good but not great month, up just over $1400 + $160 W$, played a lot on Stars (oops - it was supposed to me no-Stars month...., also did OK in cash games and PLO over at Titan. The W$ I will use for WSOP Sats during March, objective to only collect more W$ at this point, will think about qualification at some later date.

You: Firstly a picture showing where visitors came from - this one only shows places with 5 visits or more so there would be many more places with smaller dots.

There were a total of 2550 unique visits in Feb, 67% first time and 33% returnees - really happy with this number and hope to make March even better.

Sources varied through the month, no longer allowed a link in my sig for both 2+2 and P5's so these are going down, at the same time Google search engine traffic is on its way up as the list of articles to be indexed grows... and both steady sources and the PokerXfactor community as ever a source of good intelligent discussion and referrals too!

Would like to say 'Hi' to visitors from the Netherlands - seem to have a steady trickle of referrals from a couple of sites there which I can not understand!

The other area people come from is via other blogs - there are people in the list on the right doing some excellent blogging so feel free to check them out! Recently updated the list (basically took out those who had not linked back to me!) and added some more from my long weekly reading list - happy that the current list is now the good quality stuff.

Would like to break the 3000 visitor mark for March - if you have a minute why not recommend Plan3t Gong to a friend - clicking the envelope below each post allows it to be e-mailed.

Ahhh - Supposed to make some March plans... bah, keeping it short I will aim to make more this month than last, to learn more and to generally enjoy poker!

Cheers, Mark


Dremeber said...

Hi plan3t gong,

Great blog you have and very nice stats. Both for poker and site visits.

I'm setting up a poker bloglisting which maybe helps you to break the 3000 number.
Feel free to add your:

Also interested in exchanging links. You find my blog in my profile. (Don't want to spam your blog :) )

Drop me a note if your are interested in exchanging links. When your add your to the poker blog lsiting, I will see it.


Anonymous said...

hey Mark,

not sure what projects you have in line, but hows about looking at the NL CAP cash games on FT ? any different strategy to normal ?


sprstoner said...

thanks for the link.. i just added you on mine...