Wednesday, March 28, 2007

eBook / Blog Link-ups and a Banner!

Quicky extra post today... noticed many new visitors and relatively few taking my Free Poker eBook 'A Comedy of Errors'. Figured this has not been mentioned in the text for a long time and might look like a Google Ad!

The eBook was written to attract readers to my blog when I first started. Its aimed at lower limit SNG players (<$20ish) and looks at the errors your opponents are making in these and suggests ways to exploit them. It Covers ICM, Trap Hands, Bubble Play, Unexploitable Heads-Up play and many other topics.

You can get the eBook by signing up in the top right corner of this blog (java must be enabled to see the box)

Blog Link-Ups: Get the occasional request for links and if you have a blog please let me know - always happy to link back to good quality and regularly updated blogs. There are already many gems in the 'Blogs Of Distinction' list on the right so please check them out when you have a spare minute!!

A Banner??? Well its a long time since I last had an advert here at Plan3t Gong so please forgive me the indulence!! The banner below is for Titan Poker (sorry - not US Friendly at the moment), this is the main site I use (as well as Stars) and known as 'the new fishtank' on many forums due to the huge number of weak players! You can get double the usual signup bonus by using the Titan Poker Bonus Code 'POKERPOINT'.... go on - your wallet will thank you!!

Cheers and GL,



SirFortune said...

Hey - I've got a 'blog of distinction' - or at least one hopes it is :-)

I'm just adding you to my links, so if you wanna do the same that would be much appreciated :-)

Keith Jackson said...

Great blog and for those that are watching the E Book is very good!

Cell 1919 said...

Have downloaded Comedy of Errors and recommended to many others.