Monday, March 12, 2007

'A Comedy Of Errors - Live' Part #1

Well it has taken a while but tonight we have part #1 of the first 'Comedy of Errors - Live' series looking at SNG Bubble play.

It is by no means perfect but now we have mastered the nuances of rendering, audio and getting the bl**dy things the right size for youtube the next should be quicker, clearer and have more discussion of the things that matter to those learning the SNG ropes.

You can see the video by clicking the link below (will open a new window). This is designed to go with the free eBook available at the top right corner of the blog.

A Comedy of Errors - Live - Part #1

This video was shot at Titan Poker (hopefully you can see why this is called "the new fishtank"!!) Unfortunately This site is not US friendly - for those outside the US there is a link under 'poker sites' on the right hand side and I recommend checking them out as soon as possible!

Below are SNG Power Tools screen shots showing the $ev of each push vs opponents ranges - luckily these were all correct (!). There are several competing factors at play when dealing with a short stack in these situations....

1) Your $ev is low so your risk vs gain is skewed in your favour... you can loosen up some, doubling your chips will likely almost double your $ev, with a bigger stack this is not usually the case.

2) You still have fold equity - so use it while you can. No need to get too tight, especially where you have a read that opponents will not be calling you light.

3) No need to be suicidal... if people have shown an interest in the pot your FE with a small stack goes down very quickly. Do not push easily dominated hands unless you are first into the pot (and then be careful!).

QQ Hand...

A7o Shove

A4o Blind vs Blind
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The next installment will be ready either Wednesday night or Thursday (still on holiday in the UK so having to fit this around many other things...).
Cheers, Mark


Anonymous said...

enjoy your blog! I have about 3000 sngs at stars (16 turbos) and my ROI is about 2%. Should I maybe be playing on Titan or something fishier??

Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Hi, Stars does seem to be getting tougher these days so certainly worth a look on some other sites.

There are a few older articles discussing this such as this one which looks at the effect on your ROI of playing with 'known' winners:

Tried to address this with the 'Beyond Table Selection' series (in fact plan to add some posts on this soon) - this is available via the 'Jump off page' for SNGs / ICM etc

Titan has so many fish it is untrue but plently of other candidate sites out there.

Good luck!

Cheers, Mark