Saturday, March 10, 2007

Books and Stars FPPs

Arrived in the UK to a small pile of poker books bought with Stars FPPs over the last months, had sent them all to the UK as the Hungarian postal system is a little on the unreliable side and then forgotten all about them... waiting to be read are:

Super System 2 - Doyle Brunson el at
Tournament Poker for Advanced Players - David ('ego') Sklanksky
NL Holdem Theory and Practice - Sklanksky and Millar
Ace on the River - Barry Greenstein

Looking forward to getting stuck in, for me it only takes 1 small idea to win that 1 pot to make a book worthwhile...

Got me thinking about those Poker Stars FPPs - have 10000-odd at the moment - and what is the best use for them in terms of $$$ value?? Will get the calculator out some time soon and do an analysis!

The good news is that my IT-savvy brother has come down south to see us and discussions about how to move Plan3t Gong to my own domain can begin (will still be a blog, just wanted to have more control over layout / searching / adding new features etc).

Going to attempt re-recording the audio track for the video this afternoon dependant on number of relatives appearing for cups of tea!!

Cheers, Mark

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