Monday, March 19, 2007

Back in Budapest - A Refreshing Poker Break

Apologies for the lack of updates for the last few days, our Hotel in Amsterdam did have wifi - but at 6 EUR / Hour (about 8 USD!) I thought better of being online and instead enjoyed a poker break and the many delights that the city has to offer...

Thinking about it the last 11 days have the potential to be good for my game, probably managed less than 5 table-hours in the whole period... have been thinking though, oh and reading about the game a fair bit (finished Theory and Practice + Super System 2 and almost completed Tournament Poker for Advanced Players). Each book contains several points worthy of further thought / discussion - will of course do my thinking in public via this blog.

Another thing that happened while away was a short e-mail exchange with a poker friend concerning the subject of discipline. A very important and much overlooked topic. I'm as guity as anyone of winning money in my regular games only to lose it again messing around in games I really do not have an edge in... of playing tired and / or after a few too many drinks... of making loose calls for reasons not strictly to do with ev... guess most people have been there!

Determined to come back from my break more focused - once again will write up both plans and results here.

Also realise that there are a few articles I have promised which need writing... so this week will see the continuation of the satellite strategy series and hopefully a few more besides, oh and will get the 2nd part of the video up too.

Right now it is time for a rest, up at 6 this morning to fly back, delayed 2 hours on the runway due to snow and now v.tired and badly in need of a nice cup of tea!

Cheers, Mark


littleacornman said...

I'm off to the Dam myself on Tues.Thanks for the info on wi-fi prices.I think I'll leave the laptop at home.

Shane said...

Hi Mark, Did'nt you visit the Amsterdam casino? Some great poker action there!

Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Have a great one Acornman - difficult not to in the 'Dam!!

No casino visit for me this time Shane... spent too much time there in 2000 when 'living' in the Mariott for 3 months on an IBM project!! Will take another look next time though - it was evil minus ev games for me back then as I had not yet discovered poker!

Cheers, Mark