Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why Lose Poker - Videos Ahead!

Just a quicky post today as I am v. v. v busy with some non-poker projects... firstly video making!! Decided it was time to bring the 'A Comedy of Errors' eBook to life with a SNG video!

There are plenty of these already available so mine will try to be different - going to focus on the errors others make (and how to exploit them!), putting people on ranges ahead of the bubble and on ICM play... tried it twice today, once failed for technical reasons (ok then, incompetance) then had pocket Kings cracked by Jacks in 6th place - doh! Run out of time now so will try again tomorrow.

Other new plans include looking at aspects of Poker Mathematics (Maths to me - might me Math to you!) other than ICM - including the SAGE System and some Pot-Odds errors that people who really should know better make.

Since the article list is getting longer I will also do a bit more organisation with a jump-off page for the Sunday Million Satellites series.

If anyone has any suggestions for future articles please drop me a mail or a comment.

Cheers, Mark

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littleacornman said...

Looking forward to the video Mark.