Monday, February 19, 2007

Squidoo Lens - SNG Central

Discovered by accident - it is part of this web 2.0 thing (social bookmarking and other terms I do not really understand). Anyway I have experimented with it by putting together my own 'lens' (=page) called SNG Central... link below (right click and select 'open in new window' please!).

My thought is that there is potential here to make a useful resource for the SNG players and bloggers out there for free... Now in the interests of full disclosure etc this contains my affiliate links to 3 pokersites and I have put Plan3t Gong in first place for the resources!

So, if you know of any good resources / guides / websites that would benefit SNGers or would like to have your blog added (will put a separate list for this) please pop over and give it a rating then drop me a mail or blog comment. Its pretty basic at the moment - half an hours work only - but if it seems useful I will spend some more time updating it as we go along.

Cheers, Mark

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