Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sit and Go - ROI for regulars vs turbos

A common theme, particularly for new players on the forums concerns ROI expections for regular SNGs vs Turbo or Speed SNGs. The general consensus among the more experienced players who reply is that you can expect a higher ROI (Return on investment) for regulars but can play more games per hour on the turbos / speeds.

This is fine but I would like to argue that there is slightly more to it than that....

Hourly rate is, of course, important to anyone playing online poker for profits only (whether we admit it of not there are many other reasons for playing other than this: A challenge, Liesure, mental stimulation or just to pass a couple of quiet hours etc... ). If we take the turbo SNGs as averaging 30 minutes (longer if you win of course but as an average of all your games) and the regulars as 45 minutes we can play many more turbos - and thus make more money even though your ROI might be 4 to 8% lower...

To me it comes down to your style of play more than hourly rate, my preference - as outlined in "A Comedy of Errors" (free! link top right), is to play the pushbotting SNG game... super-tight early and super-aggressive late. This means a lot of folding, especially at levels 1 to 3.

Now in a regular this can mean many more trips through the low blinds and many more of those difficult mid-game scenarios with 12-17BBs. This is not good - while I am generally comfortable with post flop play the whole concept behind the pushbot model is to avoid this and instead use ICM + opponent Ranges pre-flop at high blinds. Regular SNGs force you to play post-flop, to read hands and to make 'moves' for smaller amounts of your stack... this is fine playing 2 or 3 tables at a time, once you get to 8+ it becomes a nightmare!!!

Conversely the turbo or speed SNGs get to the higher blind levels quickly and allow you to get into push fold mode... ideal for me, how about you?!?!

One small tip for pushing that I use in 50% or so of games - since I often fold the first 20 hands in a row this gives a 'super-tight' table image. Choose the tigher blinds and push them light the first time you go all in. Sure they might wake up with a hand - but their tight range will often be even tighter for push number #1 from someone perceived as a rock... nothing worse than getting aces for that first push and then having everyone fold!!

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