Monday, February 26, 2007

Poker Stars - WSOP 2007 Satellites are here...

Hold on to your bankrolls... WSOP 2007 Qualifiers are upon us - looking at the 'Tournaments' tab on pokerstars you can not miss them... here is a quick rundown of what is available.

$2 Rebuys - cheapest option but probably not the best - they give places in $33 rebuys, so unless you get very lucky you'll be needing to add at least $60 for the initial stack-booster + add-on.

$5+1 Rebuys - Seats in the $160 double shootout given, number depending on prize pool. Will have a closer look at these, not so sure that the $160 DS is good value - will be many good players buyin in directly and only 1 seat gtd... on the other hand if the rebuys are as soft as the Sunday Million ones then this could be a good source of W$ (satellite dollars) which can be used for other types of sat or sold (Cashman Brian et al) for about 70% of value.

$16 Double Shootouts - When full (100 people) these give 2 seats to the $650 MTT qualifiers and some cash for 3rd to 5th. Might be a good bet (using my recent strategy guide!!?!?) in fact I will give this a go as soon as this post is finished! Come in Turbo and non-turbo formats,

$27 + Rebuys - This one giving seats in the $650 direct qualifier (latter seem to be at the weekends).

$33 + Rebuys - This is a direct qualifier with 1 seat gtd... need to budget $100 min here otherwise you'll really just be dead money... on this basis there will be 1 seat for each 110 people, not a great ratio but certainly a cheapish way of having a shot!

$160 Double Shootouts - Last year these had a reputation as being very difficult indeed, with many large-bankroll Pros playing after they had a seat for the $11k in cash... thoughts are that they might be softer at the start, with many novices giving it a shot.

$650 Main Event Qualifier - These are the big weekend tourneys with one place per 11k the seat to entrant ratio is not too bad (even if the entry fee is huge!). Will be a close call whether to play or sell the w$ if and when I get a ticket!

There are also various options for FPPs - before you shell out 4000 if these make sure you check what can be bought with them in the store!

Cheers and GL!


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