Saturday, February 10, 2007

Paradise RIP + General Update

News coming through today that SportingBet Plc have decided to close the Paradise Poker software and to transfer the players to Boss Media Network... shame, I played at Paradise a couple of years ago (and being a novice fish dropped a few hundred $!) always liked the software though. Not familiar with Boss - the feedback from forums is not positive though!! Taking a look around this seems to be a collection of small sites (Celeb Poker and Fortune Poker for example). Might have a look at some point when things are not so crazy busy for me!!

Reading 'The Psychology of Poker' by Alan Schoomaker at the moment - so far an interesting read, talks about analysing your own motives and looking at the motives of others and adjusting your play for them... always considered being honest with yourself a vital factor in the online poker universe. Plan to do a full review / analysis next week.

Table update - up alomst $500 from the 1st week of Feb, most of it from 50c/$1 NL 8-Max cash games on Titan, seriously folks those tables are amazing - loose / passive fishes and the occasional maniac litterally giving their money away. I have a lot to learn about cash (getting used the playing looser after the ultra-tight start of SNGs) but with a bit of selective aggression here the chips just keep coming your way!!

MTT Update - Not so much joy here, went deepish in the PokerStars $3 Rebuy last night, 46th out of 2100ish, exited after restealing from an EP min-raiser with AJs - pushed over the top of him (he had me covered but not by much) and he thought for a while before calling with KJ! Happy days, King on flop this time but I am always happy to get the money in as a huge favourite - the rest is just how the cards fall. Shame in one way as it would have made me top 5 in chips. Generally happy with my new years resolution to play looser / more aggressively in MTTs, not won any in 07 as yet but at least not spending 4 hours to cash for $10 then blinding away any more...

Had an e-mail request to look again at ICM, this time from a beginners perspective - kind of building on the summary in my eBook 'A comedy of errors' (still available freely!!). Will make a plan for this one and look at the maths behind the calculations a bit (again next week).

Happy to answer any requests for future articles sent in via mail ( or you can add a comment at the end of each post.

GL at the tables,



Anonymous said...

hello mate not really a comment about a specific article but about the blog in general - basically spot on! Your information and advice is excellent and well grounded so keep it up!!

Shane said...

hey mark, read your eBook. Was valuable for me, a beginning Sit & Go player. Looking forward to the ICM for beginners topic. Thanks mate.