Monday, February 12, 2007

Organisation + Sunday Million Review

Have done some organising this morning... putting all of the ICM / General SNG and 'Beyond Table Selection' Posts in a single 'jump-off' page and adding a link to this on the right hand side... hopefully make things easier to navigate than the usual blogger tags!

Poker Stars Sunday Million was short for me, lasting approx 1 hour and 15 minutes - but hey at least I got busted in style!!! I get KK in EP and make a standard 3x raise, flat called by the guy next to me and the others fold... I cBet 3/4 of pot on a 10 6 10 rainbow flop and get reraised enough to commit me... well to cut a long story short I though about him having a 10 for 20ish seconds or so and decided that there was a decent chance he had a smaller pair or an ace - after all why raise with trip 10's here? I pushed over the top and he insta-calls... with 10 10, yep quads!!! NH sir - GG me!! Ah well maybe next time (or maybe I just play the satellites and keep the tournament $$!).

Will post some more later today - Titan have a new offer + some updates to their software to talk about. (Link on the right).

Cheers, Mark

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