Monday, February 12, 2007

The New Fishtank - Jump Off Page

Must be feeling extra organised today!

As many (if not all) of my non-US readers will know Titan is quickly gaining a reputation as 'The New Fishtank'. The standard of play is sooooo bad it can bring tears to the eyes!!! Add to this the Jackpot SNGs, Freerolls and regular bonuses and it explains why I spend as much (if not more) time there than on PokerStars!!

I have done many articles on Titan - so time to put them all in one place, will start with the Jackpot SNGs and the Beyond Table Selection.

Titan Jackpot SNGs - worth the extra rake? (Non US Friendly)

Beyond Table Selection #3 - Titan (Not US Friendly)

Check them out today - your wallet will thank you!!

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