Thursday, February 15, 2007

Musings on Cash Games Training Videos...

Seem to have been watching a lot of cash game videos lately, eveything from $25 NL up to $3/6 (thats $600 NL I guess)...

Firstly 4 from 2+2er I_Strong, a UK player whose videos are free. You will find the link to these via the Acornmans Blog (link in list on right). The vids cover lower limits and are nicely put together... not sure if I learned anything really new from these but there are a couple of good thoughts on hand reading skills and I_Strong constantly reinforces the importance of position, he is a loose and aggressive player who thinks through situations well and well worth watching.

There has also been a series of cash game training videos from Rizen at, these are high quality items. Rizen is an excellent coach - taking more time to explain situations / hands than most of the other pros (Sheets / JohnnyBax / Belowabove etc all have their own strengths but for me Rizen is the best of the bunch there!).

The Rizen videos are higher level in general - though he does one at $100 NL too - he puts great emphasis on playing the other players as well as position and definitely provided some good insights for me as someone relatively new to cash. PXF is relatively expensive to join but well worth it... the forum is instructional and includes Hand Histories from pros such as Annette_15, and you can upload your own HHs for review later.

Won a seat in the PokerStars Sunday Warm up yesterday in a 3+R Turbo sat (1 from 2 attempts!)... not going to play it but now have plently more T$ for SNGs (if I could only find the time to play a few!!!)

Cheers, Mark


Yorkshire Pudding said...

For cash games you can't go too far wrong with Cardrunners. Some of the best online cash players like Green Plastic and Aba20/Sbrugby on there. Only $50 to join and $20 a month thereafter. Not joined yet but will be doing so in the coming months.

Anonymous said...


I cannot find the blog with the vids on it, can you post a link ?


Mark - An Englishman Abroad said...

Hi Martin

Here is the link for IStrong's vids

Cheers, Mark