Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jan Review Time

Quick post today, in a certain amount of pain care of a trip to the gym yesterday to begin addressing my weight problem... yep, not enough weight (almost 6 feet tall and 10 stone 6 lbs... (thats a little avobe average in height and damn skinny for my metric readers!). Oh well.

Jan was a dissapointing month - total profits of just short of $600. Did fine on SNGs, reasonably well on PLO and horribly on MTTs (must have spent $400ish on various satellites and rebuys). Not unhappy with most of the plays in these MTTs... kind of have a new view that making the money is not the objective and have been more aggressive / positive in and around the bubble, it is just a matter of time before a reasonable score comes along!!

No worries - my eternal optimism is in full swing and my aim is to make $2.5k during Feb, going to play mostly on the smaller sites as Stars seems to have an ever greater number of winning players... will look at a couple more sites over the next week as well as comment on an interesting thread on when not to use ICM.

Have not checked out Euro Poker yet - including the banner as it is pleasing to the eyes!!!


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Good luck fattening up -- bankroll-wise & in other ways (lol).

MrTynKyn said...

"as well as comment on an interesting thread on when not to use ICM."

We wait for it !!!