Wednesday, February 21, 2007

General Life 'n' Poker Update

Bit worried that this blog may become too 'dry' with all the maths / strategy all the time, so a quick personal update today for a change!

I have started mixing in some $55+5 SNGs to my usual 27s / 35s on PokerStars - so far so good on these, they seem a bit more aggressive, particularly with cBets being reraised but still have their fair share of horrible players - my Stars roll is just short of the $4000 mark, the plan is to start playing half and half 27/60 at 5K and then move to the 60's full time once I reach 6K.... we will see.

As regular readers may know I am an Englishman living in Budapest, Hungary - here are a couple more random observations about the Magyars!

- They count using the thumb as number #1 (minor difference I know but can be confusing!).

- They do not differentiate 'he' and 'she' when describing someone (there are words for this but they are not used in most descriptions of what people did or things about them). This means that when speaking in English people can often miraculously change sex in mid-sentance! General mix ups can be funny "His Boyfriend" "My father is called Fred, She drives a BMW" etc etc

I'm learning the lingo right now and having great difficulty - so I'd best not be the judge eh?!??!

If anyone, especially cash game specialists (SNG Players welcome too though!), would like to do a 'guest post' on Plan3t Gong please let me know...

Finally I am looking at moving away from Blogger in the near future and getting my own domain, should be better for organising the articles etc. Plan on visiting the UK next month and will discuss what needs to be done with my IT specialist (ok then, brother!).

Cheer and GL at the tables, Mark

PS: Did I mention how fishy Titan Poker is recently?? (link under 'Poker Rooms' on the left) !!

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