Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun and Games with Sunday Million Satellites

Have been playing Satellites today - 6 of them in total, 2* Double shootout (turbo) and 4* $8 or $10 turbo rebuys. Hours of fun, the turbo rebuy satellites especially - 1000 chips to start and 5 minute blind levels... when the 30 minute break comes you have to have accumulated some chips or the blinds will eat you alive.

Lots of ICM involved - especially late, do not have my mathematical hat on today so will note it down for a future article... the good news is that I now have 3 Sunday million seats!!! (well ok then 1 and about $300 in T$ left over to play SNGs with next week). Been a while since I gave the Million a try, going to come out fighting tonight and see what happens.

Thinking of Satellites - also qualified for the Poker Stars VIP Club Monthly $100k thanks to getting a couple of sets early and then becoming maniac aggressive with a big stack on the bubble!

One horrible story from one of the Turbo rebuy sats... I was not in the hand (enough chips to safely fold by then), the bubble 23 people left and 22 places paid - meduim stack on one table pushes and is called by a giant stack in the BB - meduim guy had AA and Big stack J4 - both miss the flop and the turn and river both come 4's (ouch)... anyway we are hand for hand at this point and on another table someone is almost all in with the BB... he has something like 600 chips left at 8000/4000 blinds... the button raises and the SB folds.... (going to have sleepless nights over what happened next) obviously all this guy needed to do was fold his hand and he would have had a place.... yep he called, but thats not all... he called with 53 off suit!!!!!!!!! Lost the hand and the guy who had his aces cracked got a place after all (the smallest stack before the hand taking the 23rd place). Ahhh poker, got to love it!

Cheers, Mark

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