Tuesday, February 27, 2007

David Sklansky And His Oversized Ego!

David Sklanksy, author of the excellent 'Theory of Poker' has confused me for some time on the 2+2 forums... his posts range from mildly interesting game-theory poker puzzles to blatant egotistical nonsense!

Now he has a board (the 'Special Sklansky Forum') all of his own on 2+2 - right at the top of the list - and reading it made me realise just what an inappropriately high opinion of himself this man has... posts on racism, suggesting that his son has saved online poker and even on aspects of the bible are just plain bad.

Real shame when someone who has undoubtedly made a great contribution to the game (albeit many years ago now) feels that he can now preach to people on this range of subjects - its time to shut up Mr Sklanksky!

Cheers, Mark

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Cell 1919 said...

I caught that for the first time last week. It's utterly bizarre!

I won't be back in a hurry ;)