Sunday, February 18, 2007

Breaking News... BeLOWaBOVe Chat Ban

Online tournament pro BeLOWaBOVe has had his chat permanently banned on PokerStars today following a complaint from a fellow player. Apparently he told someone to "Get AIDS" after being busted and someone objected strongly enough to report to another player.

Next the complaintant tried to reconcile the situation via a PM with the following...

2.13.01:59 by MC64 [Reply] Kevin, I just wanted to let youv know that I was the one who reportedyou and got your chat banned. I had a cousin die of AIDS not too longago and when you say something as ignorant and insensitive as 'get aids'to someone because they bust you out of a tourney....well all I can sayis you need to grow up and be a little more mature about the kind ofparting comments you make. Considering you are a supernova player not tomention a top player on P5's...well you should consider learning alittle common

the rest was cut off in 2nd pm which i cant acces anymore.. oh well


From the debate on the forums this was not enough to resolve the situation and after getting a good 'seeing to' on the message boards MC64 has now written to Stars withdrawing the complaint!

Whether this results in the chat ban being revoked I have no idea!!!

Personal thoughts are that a ban is a good thing here - at least for a time, making an example of a high profile player might make others think twice...

Cheers, Mark

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