Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Breaking News... Annette_15 Hacked

Some nasty and somewhat frightening news on the forums at the moment. Appears that Annette_15 the young Norwegian lady taking the online poker tournament world by storm has had one of her online poker accounts hacked.

Looks like at least $20k has been wasted in high stakes cash games on Ultimate Bet (UB Poker) by the hacker who was offering $1200 to people in exchange for $1000 via Western Union. Damage could turn out to be far worse than that.

There is a lesson here for all of us, personally have less than $7k across all my accounts but would still be very upset to lose it. Make sure your PC is protected not only with the latest Anti-virus and firewalls available - but with all of the latest Windows updates available from MSN.

There is also a line of thinking here about how much we need in those online accounts - the Neteller debarkle, as well as the Hacking of Annette 15 highlights the thought that we should look to keep the minumim for our needs... the only problem here is that if I withdraw too much Mrs Plan3t Gong's shopping habit might mean it never goes back!!

Annette_15 Player Profile is available at Go Articles via link below (right click / open in new window please!)


Cheers, Mark

Edit - Updated 10.00 ECT

Turns out the story has 2 more twists!

Firstly Annette_15 was personally duped into opening a file by another player - and get this - even though her anti-virus said not to open it... doh.

Secondly, her Ultimate Bet account acutally ended the session $12k up!!!!!!!!!! Completely unbelieveable... right my username and passwords on the way to hackers...

Cheers, Mark

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