Saturday, February 17, 2007

Avoiding Poker Account Hackers + Quick MTT Update

Found and interesting thread over on P5's by Lee Jones - card room manager over at PokerStars. Prompted by the recent Annette_15 saga the message here is relatively clear - it is your responsibility to keep your account secure. (right click to choose 'open in new window')

My accounts are now safe and well but during last years travels I downloaded and logged on from net cafes in many unsafe places (Vietnam a good example!). Got away with it though!!

Won yet more tournament $ in a Sunday warm up satellite yesterday and used it for the $3+r and a $50+5 during the evening... out 29th in the $3 (out of 2400ish), made a great read on a loose pusher and isolated with a pair of 10's - he had 7's... shame the BB woke up with QQ and busted us both!!! 40th (ish) out of 800+ in the $50 included a brief spell sharing a table with Sheets... lost half my stack defending my BB with AJs (vs 66) and spent the next 20 minutes in push / fold mode - ended with a lost coinflip but a good run at a higher level than I am used to so feeling good about that one. My new aggressive late approach is going to pay off with a big final table any day soon...

Still not done the ICM for Statellites article - will try and get that one up either tomorrow or Monday.

One more note is on 'A Comedy of Errors' - noticed the downloads have gone down recently so figured it was time for another mention, there is no 'catch' I wrote it to get my blog off the ground... this looks at lower level SNGs in terms of the mistakes opponents make and suggests how to exploit them - download via link top right.

Cheers and GL at the tables,


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