Tuesday, January 09, 2007

WPT Satellites - A Review

Thought it was time to have a look at something different - WPT Qualification. Different sites do this in different ways. Today will focus on Titan Poker - they not only have a wide range of options for getting into their WPT Satellites, but also have a very large number of bad players... check it out for yourself!!

Side Note: Apologies to my readers from the USA, Titan have short-sightedly stopped US players from joining. I will make ammends very soon - a draft post is already in progress discussing some of the pro's and con's of the sites still available.

Ok, so imagine this - you are sitting down at the televised final table on a World Poker Tour Event (somewhere hot and by the sea would be a bonus), across the table is GusHansen, Phil Ivey and the Milkybar Kid (check out his blog!) - you already have 100,000 Dollars in the bag and are playing for that elusive million... Wake Up! Nice thought huh? First you need to get over to Titan and qualify!!

- First thing to mention is that Titan are allowing you to pick which tournament you attend. Rather than specific satellites for each tourney they are having 2 'Super Satellites' one on Jan 14th and the other on Feb 11th. This is good news - bigger fields should mean more places available, a final table - rather than a win - being required toget the dream ticket.

- the schedule is diverse with SNG WPT Qualifiers as well as MTT ones. Here is how they work;

SNGs; There are 3 stages to get through for your ticket, the buy-ins and number of
players vary slightly - PYT (Pick your tournament) stage three with 8 players is $1+20c, one player goes through to stage 2. If you buy in direct for stage 2 this is $9+90 with one player going through to the $64+6 final stage where one of 5 players get a ticket to the super satellite.

MTTs; Again these work in stages starting at stage 3. There are almost too many options to list here! These run every couple of hours and the number of qualifiers for the next stage is based on the prize pool. Like the SNGs they start at $1.20 and go up to $44 for the stage 1 event that gives the seats. As I said above, the number of novices at Titan make these juicy games - bubble play in a satellite is a big subject in itself, having several opponents who do not understand this is very nice indeed.

In addition to the $10000 entry fee Titan are giving $2000 towards the travel and
accomodation... so even if you somehow miss the final table of the main event you get a great holiday for a potentially tiny investment!

Titan also offer a good signup bonus - which Plan3t Gong can double - if you use the
bonus code 'POKERPOINT' when signing up you can get $500 free (100% match on 1st deposit).

Click on the Link below now... and I'll see you on the WPT!!!

Titan Poker

Cheers, Mark

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