Friday, January 05, 2007

Reply to Mails / Comments and Future Post Plans

Firstly, thanks for all the positive comments on 'A Comedy of Errors', very happy to hear that my work was not in vain!!

One other comment I'd like to reply to was a request for more detail on the push / fold ranges outlined in my 'Ego Players' post. I would be happy to go through this one, calling ranges is critical to SNG Bubble play and determines what you can profitably push. Will save this reply for another day though - it is a complex area with so many variables attached and I would like to do the subject properly!

In fact this blog has become a little too SNG-based than originally planned, so I will tackle some other areas first. Not sure if this was mentioned before but my first degree was in Psychology, even many years on this is still a personal passion and its relation to Poker is at a relatively early stage. Over the coming weeks / months the number of Psychology posts will go up and the SNG ones, while still being here, will go down.

Keep a little notepad by my PC to list future posts on... the list is growing faster than I can post at the moment and includes;
- Satellite Strategies
- Follow up on Ego Players (several sub-topics here)
- Follow up on Multi-Tabling
- Focus on AK and when / when not to fire a second bullet
- Discussion on 'showing'
- Betting tells (not the main ones, a couple of my own!)
- Dangers of 'overthinking' in low-limits poker
- Follow up on 5 card-draw and how this helps with other games
- MTTs with overlays (review / summary of where to find them)
- The apprentice theme
- Some book reviews.

So many subjects - so little time!! If there is anything else anyone would like to see here then please drop me a mail or a comment.

Cheers, Mark

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