Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Quick Table Update + Possible Bots - Part #2

No table updates for a while... strange how the motivation to write these decreases during a 'bad run'. Feels like every coin I flip has 2 tails at the moment - still managed to get the stars 'roll up to just over 3k though, funny really - totally normal varience, still winning money and it feels like a bad run... hmmm, well I have had real downswings at times (will show my sharkscope graph one of these days!). Should stop complaining then, right.

The 5-Card draw Bots issue continues to bug me. Sure PokerStars reassured etc but it just does not feel right. Counted 8 Ids from Kiev today, one (and only one) on every pot limit 5 draw table; here they are if anyone wants to check... LOLTY, Ripall, Perun, Barbosyan, Hronyaka, Sheva1982, BokoPor and Zarplata. At the time I wrote to Stars there were 2 more - can not recall them now.

Each play 5 pr 6 tables and fast, I mean too fast... ah well maybe it is paranoia - might Stars again some time - for now avoiding those tables seems like the best move!

Cheers and GL at the tables,


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