Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Netteller, Min Raising and Table Update.

Mixed post today, did not want the blog to get too dry and strategy-based...

Much talk on the forums about the arrest of 2 shareholders in Netteller. Seems to have made people nervous. Lots of opinions on the forums but reading between the lines the facts seem to be these;

- They are still trading as normal.
- The US Government is currently sorting out the regulations concerning the 'unlawful internet gaming act'.
- Once this is completed we will have a clearer picture on the future of e-wallets including Neteller.

In short it appears nothing much has changed!

Have been playing some Pot Limit Omaha over at VC Poker, wow thouse tables (up to $100 buy-in) are crazy!!! One thing I will never understand, min-raising in PLO??!? If anyone can explain a strategically good reason for this please let me know... meanwhile I will continue to take their money!

Good run in the SNGs (mix of 16 and 27 Turbos) over the past few days has seen my Stars 'roll move up to $3.5k, have tried a few multi's too but yet to get anywhere near a decent score this year. Still not too bad - especially accounting for the cost of my disconnect!

Finally, will sort out my blog-links later today. There are a few great blogs on my regular reading list not yet added and a few of the existing ones seem to have died. If any bloggers out there would like to exchange links then drop me a mail.

Cheers, Mark

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Anonymous said...

I have come across this too in PLO. There will be 4 or 5 limpers and it'll get flat raised on the button. Then nearly everyone will call and the last guy will flat raise it again, this confuses me even more.

VC Poker?? I may need to hit up the PLO games over there.