Monday, January 22, 2007


Some interesting links;

First one is for the UK National Poker League - found it via someone on Titan who put the URL as their city. Had a look around and definitely worth a visit for UK players... the league is divided into regions and info on venues is easily searched. There are links to poker articles and tips but not too much there at the moment, site also contains a gallery and forum as well as details of the leagues online tourneys... the URL is , I plan to check out some southern venues when next in the UK in March.

Next a blog - Hard Boiled Poker - a great read, liked the way that ' Short-Stacked Shamus' summed up the frustration of US players with the payments / deposits issue without the panic or strings of expletives often seen in such pieces.... there is plently more of interest to read and also a list of Podcasts... will add the link to the list on the right shortly - its at

Finally one in Spanish! Unfortunately I can not read it, however I recognised the name from Poker Stars, his blog mentions SNGs and - well - he left a nice comment on an earlier post! Check it out en Espanol at

Also updated the Titan post below to let people (non-US - sorry!) about their depositors freerolls.

Cheers, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Thanks for them kind words, Mark!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Mark, you'd be welcomed at any of our venues!

Chris Harrod