Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Joy of Disconnects!

Yesterday I broke a personal record! Unfortunately it was for the most money lost due to a disconnect...

Playing 6 * PokerStars 16s and 'poof' my connection disappears, mixture of small and big stacks with the BB at 150 in some and 100 in the others. By the time I get the connection back only 1 left - BB600 and me UTG with 725 chips - shoved my King high but to no avail... $96 down the pan. Ah well, could have been 12 tables I suppose!

Previous disconnect loss record was a mere $88 - last year in the Peoples Republic of Laos no less, sat in an internet cafe and just started 4 of the Party 22s... internet goes, not just for the cafe but for the whole damn country! Cafe owner, a very sweet Lao lady, assured me that it is usually back within a few hours and a day at the most... not much good for a 40 minute SNG there then. Could not be too annoyed - those Lao people are just so chilled and relaxed about life, appearently part of their 'national ethic' is that too much work is bad for the brain. Maybe they are on to something there...

No strategy today - tomorrow I will look at Bubble play again - this time looking at the scenario of 2 biggys and 2 smallys at the bubble.

Cheers, Mark

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