Monday, January 22, 2007

General Life 'n' Poker Update

Happiness in a supermarket here in Budapest yesterday - found Marmite!! All I need now is PG Tips and life will be complete...

Some more random facts about Hungary through the eyes of a Brit...

- The women here spend more pro-rata their earnings on fitness and beauty products than anywhere else in Europe (and it shows - but don't tell my fiance I said that)
- The Hungarian for 'Hi' is 'Szia' and their 'cheerio' is 'Hello', so it sounds like they are saying hello and goodbye backwards...
- The smallest coin here is the 1 forint piece - worth approximately 1/4 of a penny - or 1/8th of a cent.

Taking a small break from SNGs, varience reared its head on Sunday and 1 bubbled 8 SNGs within an hour (27s and 16s mixed), not unhappy with any of the plays, just one of those things - going to be playing PLO and NL Holdem cash games on Titan for a couple of days for a change of scene... has started its redevelopment - going to be a mix of bonus info and strategy artices aimed at novices - will keep the ICM etc here on Plan3t Gong. Plan to have it up and running by the end of the month.

Going to continue the 'Ego Players' theme this week with an article about showing.

GL at the tables,


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