Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ebook Project - + Table Update!

Mentioned a week or so ago that I was working on an eBook for the start of Jan, well after many hours of writing, re-writing, spell checking, redrafting, formatting and re-re-re-writing it has made it as far as final draft and will be available 100% free to Plan3t Gong readers either this evening or tomorrow morning.

The book is called "A Comedy of Errors" and looks at how to beat low-level SNGs by exploiting common mistakes make by opponents. As well as going through the typical stages of a game it looks at areas such as ICM (The Independant Chip Model), 'Unexploitable' Heads-Up Play and Bankroll Management. The hope is that this will give some people learning the SNG game some valuable pointers to improving their play.

All that remains now is a final proof-read, to change the document into pdf and to set up a way of sending this book that is spam free (for me that is! via a 'confirmation page') I will comitt 100% to not passing on / selling anyones e-mail address, want Plan3t Gong to become a trusted source of information as we go through '07!!

Quick table update; Year-to-Date total +$100, slow start mostly at SNGs with a little PL 5-Draw (where the Ukrainians have somehow disappeared!). No MTTs as yet.

Cheers, Mark

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