Thursday, January 25, 2007

SNG Strategy Jump Off Page

This is now permanent 'Jump off page' for the various article themes relating to SNG Strategy, ICM and bubble strategy. There are even more in the achives which can be found under 'previous posts' on the bottom of the left hand column.

Each of the links below will open a single article in a new window

SNGs / ICM Series:

Keeping the Bubble Alive - Part #1

Keeping the Bubble Alive - Part #2 - Defence

Equilibrium in Push / Call Ranges

20 Ways to Help Define Opponents Calling Ranges (Light Hearted)

Poker Stars SNGs - Quantifying The Value of Missing the Small Blind

Calculating the Extra Value of a Bubble Big Stack

Continuation Betting vs Players who love Ace-Rag!

ICM for SNGs - Rules of Thumb (About putting people on calling ranges)

SNG Bubble Play #2 - Big Stack Play

SNG Bubble Play #3 - Small Stack Play

SNG Bubble Play #4 - Defending Against 'Any-2'

SNG Bubble Play #5 - When to Ignore ICM

ROI Expectations vs Winning Players

SNG Strategy VS Super Tight Tables

The Death of Pushbotting??!

Titan Jackpot SNGs - worth the extra rake? (Non US Friendly)

'Beyond Table Selection' Series:

Beyond Table Selection #1 - The Problem and the Solution!

Beyond Table Selection #2 - Absolute

Beyond Table Selection #3 - Titan (Not US Friendly)

Beyond Table Selection #4 -

At least 50 more articles on SNGs, MTTs and Satellites over at SNG Planet - Check these links for...

Poker Tournament Strategy

or: Sit And Go Strategy

Finally a second list - this one contains ROI and Bankroll Management Articles.

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