Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Beyond Table Selection #1

Another forum post at The Fool got me thinking. Only a short post, it concerned clearing bonuses and mentioned that the ring games at the bigger sites (Stars / Full Tilt etc) are getting tougher... the pearl of wisdom here was that the future of profitable poker might be the smaller sites where more recreational players are to be found....

Fine logic - the real benefits of the bigger sites were the fish, now party etc have closed to US players there are more 'pros' congregating onto the likes of Stars. Personally happy that I can beat the lower level SNGs there - but as mentioned in my post on Bankroll Management - why fight with other winning players for a slice of the pie if you do not have to!!

It comes down to this: Why be a small shark in a big pool when you could be the only shark in a pond of minnows?

So, this leads us to a question - what are the alternatives out there?

Wanted to approach this from the top down, rather than look at the sites available and ask the question "is this any good?" I will first look at what the criteria would be and then look at the sites and see if they fulfill these criteria....

So here is a list of what I would look for in a new site (in no particular order);

1) Bonuses and / or rakeback. Not just a one-off bonus, regular reloads and decent rates for clearing them.
2) Game selection. No good if you have to wait 20 minutes for a SNG to fill up or only have 2 ring games to choose from at your level... has to be a decent selection to choose from.
3) Weak opposition. This is a subjective measure in some ways, then again things like average pot size and number of players to each flop should give us a good indication.
4) Compatability with tools such as pokeroffice or PAHUD, less important for some people but others like to track their play with these.
5) Good Selection of MTTs. Prefreably with overlays or guaranteed prize pools.
6) Loyalty Programs. Again less important but could make the difference if the other criteria are marginal. Guess other promotions such as jackpots and freerolls could fit in here.

OK thats it for now - please let me know if you play at a site that fits these criteria, over the coming days I will have a look around and make some suggestions.

Cheers, Mark

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

I don't know if you have heard of but they show up to the minute (well 15-30 minute) ring game figures. Bonuswhores is a site that shows what bonuses are available and now also rates room A-G depending on how juicy their games are, the average hands dealt per hour and the availability of the games of each type.

I'm a UB fan and am currently playing their. Good traffic, slow but steady 100% bonus up to $650 (never expires and can be stacked) and 30% rakeback.

Nice blog BTW, will definitely be checking back!