Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back in Budapest - Looking Forward to Feb

Rome, what a fantastic city - Style, History, Great Food and - erm - shopping all in one place. Will spare you the details (its a Poker Blog after all!) but definitely worth a visit... especially for the 1 EUR + tax we paid for the flight! Next stops UK + Amsterdam in March, these cheap flights are out there and available to all... go get 'em!

Taking a break from poker actually felt great - as much as I love the game 4 days off feels like it has refreshed the old grey matter a great deal, really looking forward to hitting those tables again.

A couple of interesting questions via e-mail... firstly from Joel, after reading 'A comedy of errors' he has asked how to deal with tables where your opponents go into lockdown (or super-tight) mode themselves... interesting one, as with everything in poker 'it depends' (!), will have a look into this either later today or tomorrow and make a blog post of the results.

Secondly, Martin asked about my New Year idea of taking on an apprentice for SNGs. This is still in plan for Feb but I am still unsure of the exact form it will take. Original idea was to take someone brand new to SNGs and move them up the levels. Will report back on this one over the next few days... I have many projects on the boil right now (some poker and some not!) and need to organise myself a bit better first.

Finally I hear that Titan are moving their server clock to GMT (they closed to US players some time ago now so makes sense) hopefully this means more MTTs early evening EU time and less in the early hours of the morning... check them out here;

Will be back with some more strategy very soon!!

Cheers, Mark

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