Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thinking About Tilt Part#1

Its time for this UK Poker Blog to get a little more international, today I will be submitting to some worldwide directories - a warm welcome and a nice hot cup of tea to visitors from North America and the rest of the globe!

Today my thoughts are on Tilt, the subject came to mind after watching the latest Sheets video over at , he was in a kind of funny mood - expecting to lose, making marginal plays even while explaining that he should really fold. The video was amusing and *fairly* instructional... what it go me thinking about was the different kinds of Tilt. Tried starting a thread over at 2+2 on the subject but no replies at the time of blogging.

ANGRY TILT; I am sure every poker player knows of this one, you get sucked out on the river in a pot you were 95% to win, you go from tournament chip lead to a small stack in one horrible moment, the red mist rises up in front of your eyes, you just can not believe how that fish made the call... boom - Tilt time, pushing marginal hands, calling all ins just to spite your opponent, convincing yourself that your opponent is bluffing to justify a dumb call of your own. 10 hands later you are out of your tourney... right I'll go to the cash tables and really show 'em... etc etc etc

I strongly believe that this is just the obvious form of tilt, that the more dangerous kinds are far more subtle - you may not even realise you are tilting until it is too late... I propose the following categories and would love to hear others opinions on this subject.

FRUSTRATED TILT; This is one that builds up incrementally, you wait patiently for a decent hand and get dealt a nice pair of Kings, an Ace on the flop followed by a check-raise all in from an opponent force you to fold. No problem, You get AK, a nice rainbow K high flop, end up losing to bottom 2 pair... well stuff happens. Cold decks, suck outs and unlucky breaks mount up and before you know it the frustration starts to bite. Not in an angry 'red-mist' way but more subtly. You start to come into pots with those Ace-Rag hands hoping to hit, you raise up with small to meduim pairs hoping to take down the pot with a Continuation Bet if you miss and end up committing more chips than the hand is worth... your play changes from a solid tight / aggressive format into a raise-em-up and hope to get lucky style. Half an hour later your chips are gone...

BLACK CLOUD TILT; This describes the situation where there is a black doom-laden cloud hovering over your head, when you go into a game just 'knowing' you are going to lose. This kind is not triggered by a single event, rather a series of losing sessions or bad-beats. It puts you into the mood where you are reluctant to raise up your Kings because you just *know* that someone will call with Ace-rag and get lucky against you. You become hesitant about value betting your small straight and check behind on the end, losing the price of a bet. You start to play hands more weakly than is correct to avoid losing, even though you *know* that weak play is unlikely to win back your money...

Ah well, thats it for now - of course the only real solution to any form of Tilt is to take a break from the tables.

Be great to have some feedback, you can either leave a comment or mail me at Q351 (at sign) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

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