Wednesday, December 06, 2006


A friend referred me to Victor Chandler, suggesting the play was rather soft... well well, a quick 2 night test run revealed this to be an understatement! The sit and goes (up to the $20 level at least) are softer than a baby's posterior, the PLO games are softer than a silk scarf and the NL cash games are softer than belgian chocolate melting in the mouth....

This of course means a strategy change, particularly at the sit and goes... example, bubble - both shorty and big stack fold to me in the SB, I have K9 soooted and have the BB covered, perfect - more than is required for the job of shoving the BB in a situation where I can not possibly be called (shorty has 1.5BBs)... WRONG! The BB has, wait for it... J4 off and makes the call. Wow. Lost the 40/60, no matter as I went on to get 2nd anyway but blimey! This was not an isolated example, playing ace-rag seems to be endemic, seen a missed A9 call bets to the river today - beating a missed A7!!! So its tighten up time, value bet to death time and run away if there is an Ace on the flop. Initial bankroll there already showing some signs of progress.

Had some good feedback about my site, need to get the interface looking a little sharper. Also got to work on the freeroll, I have a $300 gtd (will be more if >300 members) on Jan 14th, site undecided but probably Stars. The thing is this was not well publicised for a causual visitor - the change (hopefully up today) will be to put this message on the front page... ie anyone who signs up in December gets free entry etc. Hopefully this converts observers into members!!


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