Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sit and Go - Tricky Hands

Did some 'research' over at 2+2 to find out which hands get the most posts looking for advice, these numbers came from 30 pages of posts on the 'One table Tournements' board and relate only to the 9 / 10 person sit and go format.

1 - AK with 24 requests
2 - KK with 14
3 = QQ with 13
3 = AQ with 13
5 = AA with 11
5 = JJ with 11
7 - 10 10 with erm 10!
8 - A-Rag with 9
9 - 99 with 8
10 - Suited Connectors 7

No suprise in the number one spot really, at least from my experience at the Poker Stars 16s there are a variety of suitations which lead AK to be played in different ways... At the bubble it is an easy push to open a pot but should mostly be folded if someone else pushes first. Early position with low blinds it is usually a raise + cbet most flops, late position it may be better to call a raise and use that positional advantage to get away / extract the most post-flop...

KK in #2 suprised me a little, many of the posts concerned what to do if an Ace flops. Aces in equal 5th spot too... seems that there is a 'could you have got away from these here' theme and also questions on how to extract the most.

Ace-Rag in 8th - come on folks, if you folded them pre flop more often you would not be in difficult spots and need to ask questions!!!

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Perpetual_Traveller said...


Just another Brit abroad saying: you have readers!

Aces in 5th surprises me the most.

Keep the posts coming.