Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sit and Go - Multi-Tabling and a late Xmas Gift

Poker Stars 'roll up to $2640 - Have included the $40 as this was in the form of a late Xmas present from an opponent...

My BB and dealt J4o, BB = 400 and my stack a miserable 1500ish, 5 opponents. Limper from EP and I check, fully intending to push any non-ace flop. His stack is slightly smaller than mine. So with the pot at just over 2k chips we see a flop of AK3 with 2 hearts... Oh well, check - fold time, GG me unless I get lucky soon. So I check, the guy thinks for about 20 seconds and then folds! Not even a check behind... his connection was at 100% and the 'checking is free - are you sure?' box would have come up. Amazing - my stack now over 2000 again - Fold Equity!!! The joy of fold equity for any thinking player is your cards become so much less important, 5 minutes later and I take 2nd.

Would like to add more tables and have been experimenting with different ways of doing this, comfortable up to 6 at once but usually play 4. Not sure if I want to add more tables at regular intervals or move to 8 and play them until the end. Ideally like to play 12 per hour, doing them in sets means that the longest game dictates when the set ends (40 to 45 minutes) so it makes sense to add some more.

Over the next couple of days I will try the following;

- Sets of 8 to the end
- Set of 8 then 4 more at BB200
- 4 to start then 4 more at BB=100 then add more as I bust / game finishes up to 40 minutes.
- 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 each 12 or so minutes.

Will report the results here, anyone out there a multitabler? I'm on 1 screen for the moment but would appreciate any thoughts!

Cheers, Mark

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