Friday, December 29, 2006

Sit and Go - Blind Stealing #1

Picked up a small 'move' this year that is now an established part of my SNG game. Originally came from the MTT world but works for Sit and Go too. Here it is;

- A good time to steal blinds from someone is when they just won a big pot!

Try it... you will be suprised! Sure they could get a premium hand, but hey what we are talking about is the reduced % that they play back at you without one, this makes the difference between a profitable and break-even move.

What I have been wondering (and not yet fully tested) is whether the reverse is also true... is it more risky to attempt to take blinds from people who have just lost a chunk of their stack?

Will check this out over the next few days and report the results here - if anyone has any thoughts on this then please feel free to drop me a comment or send a mail.



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