Monday, December 04, 2006

Review - Sunday MTTs

Ahhha, not a run down of how I ran in the Stars million or other biggies, nope its straight down to earth here my Sunday night entertainment was the TMF monthly and a starts PCA Freeroll!

- TMF stands for 'The Motley Fool' its a finance site mostly but has a small and friendly poker community on the 'poker school' message board. There were 17 entrants putting up the $10 entry fee on Stars for this months tourney. Actually picked up a bunch of good cards mid-game, doubled with Aces, big pot with Kings, aces again but no action... then it kind of fell apart - reraised all in with QQ from a EP raiser (smelt like a medium pair and was indeed 99), 9 on the flop and thats half my stack. Raise JJ from MP, shorty pushes giving me 2.5/1 and an easy call, he shows A5 and spikes the A... oops, desperation mode now and 22 on the button, shove when folded to and run into the SBs 88 - out in 10th, shame - had either of the hands where I was big favourite held up I would have had a nice shot at the money... ah well, thats poker - happy with my play so no worries. Hand history available at PXF

- 2nd was thw final of the VIP freeroll on Stars for the PCA (pokerstars carribean adventure) 1200ish entrants and 6 $12000 packages up for grabs.Had been through 2 previous freerolls to qualify (inc a 5.5 hour grind on Sat night). Story of the night is that I played solid, if timid, poker for 1.5 hours then got bored and shoved 10s 8s, called by AK and GG to me! Was kind of disapointed in myself, had enough chips to standard raise / get away. Its a leak really, my concentration lapses, something seems like a really good idea on the spur of the monent and bang, out in a very mediochre 557th place!!

no worries.

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