Sunday, December 24, 2006

Review of 2006 - Part #3 - Some Lessons Learned

Firstly thanks for the positive feedback both in comments and via e-mail, I very much appreciate this... strange thing about blogging is that there is always a nagging doubt nobody is out there!!

Learned some important poker lessons this year here are a couple, in places 1 through 100 is the same concept, can not recall exactly when it clicked into place for me... anyway "there is no magic bullet" was the big one for me this year... before then I was seeking for some elusive secret, known only to the 'pros', some concept so strong and powerful that it would immediately turn me from fish to shark... peversely the real secret was admitting to myself that no such secret existed!! This is what allowed me to break down my game, analyse more, think through hands and situations, work out which areas I should look into in more depth etc etc. Admitting that the magic bullet did not exist got me on the road to winning $$$.

2nd lesson; More mundane really, something well known but only personally conceptualised it this year.... "your profit comes from your opponents mistakes", sure that this can be viewed in the Sklansky view of playing hands differently than if you knew your opponents cards... I prefer to look at it more generally. If my opponents made no mistakes I would lose money (man enough to admit that I make plently of them!!). If I make less mistakes than my opponents I will win over time... Now this one opens many doors for further discussion (such as whether playing 'unexploitably' is in fact the most profitable play?), however the main thing it has enabled me to do is to ask - What mistakes are my opponents making? and secondly think through ways in which I can profit from these! I am currently working on an e-book, provisionally titled "A Comedy of Errors", which looks at low-level SNG mistakes and how to ajust your strategy to profit from these. I hereby promise to make this freely available to Plan3t Gong readers as soon as it is completed (estimate 1st week of Jan).

Finally, joined PokerXfactor half way through this year and would recommend this site as a valuable resource, as well as their regulars (Sheets and JohnyBax) they have videos from other online pros such as Rizen and BelowAbove (+ my personal favourite BR Savage) who go through tourneys they have won discussing key hands... great stuff and have certainly put a couple of new thoughts into my game as a result.

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