Saturday, December 23, 2006

Quick Table Update + Possible Bots!

Off to the south of Hungary shortly for familiy xmas (fish soup rather than turkey but otherwise same as back home). Should be able to update from there.

Table update; SNGs going fine, Poker Stars Bankroll up to $2400 - tried the $25+2s, standard is very similar to the 16s but I still do not feel comfortable there... got to be psychological as the step in money is relatively small. Will have a think about this one.... also managed an MTT final table over on VC Poker coming in 4th, but for trying to stop-and-go a calling station over on Titan I may have been reporting another decent cash (he called with Q2o after raising his button with a 2 on the flop... I smooth-called and then pushed flop with 77... only to see another 2 on the turn - ah well - I should have had more chips!)

Have become suspicious that there may be some bots on the PL 5-Card Draw. Here is my evidence;
- Each PL Table up to $1/2 has one (and only one) of 3 Ids on it.
- All are from Kiev
- They each play 7-8 tables and play them very fast, too fast.
- They were all at the tables in the morning and still there when I checked before bed (2am).

Not conclusive but I have written to Stars support to have them look into it... so far have a standard 'we take bots seriously' form letter back... do not see them at the tables this morning though, we will see.

Cheers, Mark

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Anonymous said...

loving your work,keep it up my son.