Friday, December 15, 2006

Psychology on the Forums and a Quick Table Update

Posted over on PokerXfactor about 'what is stopping you....' some interesting responses, will link to it for now and plan to talk about this more over the weekend. You need to sign up for the free membership first;

There is also a debate going on over at 2+2 on the '1 table tournements' board, some of the posts are the usual unfriendly pointless gripes that you get over there - but also some interesting discussion on Tilt and Downswings;

For those not familiar with 2+2 I recommend this board - some really great discussion of you can overlook some of the less friendly responses.

Table update; A quiet week for me, have joined 4 MTTs, cashed in 2 but did not go particularly deep. Have played a few more SNGs too, looking to get my Stars FPPs up another 500ish this weekend to order 'Ace on the River' by Barry Greenstein which I have been recommened. Also donking around with some Pot Limit 5 - Card Draw, interesting game in which peoples mistakes are often exaggerated. Will save the analysis for another day.

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