Friday, December 01, 2006

November Review... December Plans

Blimey, don't these here months come and go quickly.

Played far too much poker this month after regaining some enthusiasm after a couple of bad ones. Result is +$3700ish so no complaints.

- 5 final MTT tables between the various sites inc one win
- Won 6 sattelites out of 14 attempts to stars million / PCA
- Enjoyed playing again (for the first half of the month at least)

- Sunday millions, i donked out in one, and played horrible weak-tight scared poker in other...
- 3rd in $175 PCA double shootout final table, 2nd biggest stack... lost half getting in with my AK cracked by opponents A4 then the other half in exactly the same way - my AK cracked by AJ. Could so easilly have been on the way to the Bahamas ;o(

December plans;
- Play a little less.
- Focus on MTTs (stop donking around the various games!)
- Spend as much time on learning as playing

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