Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Love / Hate and SNGs

Anyone else get this? One minute you are really enjoying grinding out those SNGs, the next you can not stand to even think about them! No big trigger, lost a few but only about 3 buy-ins which is perfectly normal varience... was about to spark up another set of 4 when I decided that they are the most lothesome invention of the last 600 years. Ah well, maybe time to stop playing for a while!

Just one more thing today - recently made an effort to swap links with some of the blogs I read, with some success - links on the top right of this blog... if you are passing by and would like your link added then drop me a 'comment' or send a quick mail to Q351 (at sign) Yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


1 comment:

Nick Harvey said...

Just so you know, some people do read this.

You probably will see me around on the $15+1 turbo S+Gs on stars.

Good luck