Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Joy of Misclicks!

Major misclick last night in the Titan $10k gtd!! About half way through, I had a relatively small stack 4000ish with an average of 6k. My BB dealt Q9off, 2 limpers and I checked, flop A47 rainbow, first limper raises 2000 and I fold.... perfectly normal hand there. Except that I did not fold, I flat called by accident and was put all in when a K hit on the turn... doh! Managed a small comeback but to no avail just did not have the chips to fight with!!

Not my worst misclick ever, that was on the bubble of a SNG, I had a full house on the turn - Jacks full of Kings and was content to let my opponent keep betting into me... until I accidently folded the river for his last 100 chips in a 4000 chip pot - leaving me 300ish. Now that is a misclick!!

Quick table update, Stars roll down a bit to $2.2k, nothing to report really - easily within the bounds of normal varience, people keep selfishly getting good hands when I push into them on the bubble!!

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Nice blog. You're added to my list. GL