Friday, December 08, 2006

Budapest and SNGs

I'm an Englishman abroad, came over to Hungary with IBM to set up an international service centre and kind of stayed. Funny place Hungary, great place, great people, fine wine and beautiful women... here are a few of the lesser known facts about the place;

- Don't expect customer service, oh no no no - in fact think yourself bloody lucky you are being served at all, when the server feels like finishing their phone call, or book or vacation...
- The water is so 'hard' you can actually eat it. boiling a kettle produces enough limescale to fill numerous small cracks in the plastering.
- People look at you. How wierd is that, takes some getting used to after the UK where looking in someones general direction can cause a fight. Here they just look, no harm meant, no problems anticipated. Takes a bit of getting used to, after 2 years I have *almost* started to look back.
- The lingo, incomprehensable gibberish, most people <25 can get by in English, if you go out of the major cities this goes down to almost zero... the Hungarians are proud of the difficulty of their language. They are also very proud of their dubbing industry, which is apparently the best in the world.

Ahhhah Poker, Have decided to play 500 SNGs this month, up to 50 in the last 2 days, exclusively the $15+1 Turbos on Stars at the moment. ROI is OK and bankroll heading upwards. Realise I am supposed to move up, about $1000 in the roll at the mo, plan to move to the $25+2s turbos once this reached 2K. Have played them before but with a small roll found I was playing 'scared', in the pushy / foldy world of SNGs this meant very little chance of a good ROI... next time will have a roll that is comfotable enough not to have to worry about the money! is on hold for a couple of days - realised that I did not have anything to 'grab' the attention of viewers right from the start. Was planning on sending info on the freeroll in an eMail, no good. Have asked my IT guy to add some scrolling text to the frontpage saying 'Sign up in December for free entry into our freeroll on Jan 14th' should be good - going to put up $300 for the prize pool, hope it is worthwhile!!

Project number 2 is also getting some traction - this concerns travel writing, should be something up and running by the end of Jan.

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