Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bot or Not-a-Bot?

I'm impressed with Poker Stars Support, they looked into my mail about the Ukrainian 5-Draw Bots and came back with an explanation. Turns out that there are a group of 'pro' Pot-Limit 5-Draw players from Kiev, and they avoid each other at the tables. Now that I'm assured of this a new plan has developed... going to set aside an hour to watch these guys and see if I can pick up some tips! Should keep me amused when not grinding out the 16s at least.

Going to shift the focus of this blog forward over the next few days, have some exciting business plans for 2007.

My idea for 2006 is now officially dropped... Poker Point UK - will be scrapped and replaced with something far far better.... I am man enough to admit that my concept "ahhh, there must be room for just one more PSO out there" was not thought through, badly executed, badly designed and not marketed at all... basically mis-managed from the start (oops). Fortunately one of the reasons I did well in corporate life was that I put my hand up to admit errors, learned from mistakes and came up with something far better - thus the plans for 2007! (ok, being totally honest I also blamed others, fired people and made complicated spreadsheets showing that I did just fine after all!!!).

The fish-soup xmas dinner was just fine, not missed Turkey + Sprouts at all... got a few blank looks from the Hungarians when explaining what xmas-crackers are and the fact that we like to wear the paper hats for xmas dinner... actually missed my hat a little....

Cheers, Mark

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