Saturday, November 25, 2006

Change in Direction for this Blog...

Kind of realised that the subject of Poker has been blogged, over blogged and re-overblogged and - well - to be honest I did not have *that* much original content to offer on the subject... Soooo it is time for this blog to change direction a little.

Poker will still feature, maybe even as the main subject, but the additions will be my upcoming business ventures... got several on the boil. The first to hit the web will be which should be launched in one more week! The idea is simple enough, sign up with my partner poker rooms and get free gifts (point collection scheme involved for better and better gifts). Has been a long and often painful journey getting to the point where we are ready to go, but *almost* there now... more about this later.

Also in the pipeline is a Hungarian version of bonuswhores (oh yes!), a site about travel writing and another poker-based idea that I will decline to share the details of just yet.

Exciting times, oh poker... that was the idea, October was a horrible month - pummelled into the grounds equally by my bad play and beats. Still made just shy of $100 though! November is looking much better - up over $3k at the time of writing including several MTT final-tables... will update my poker thoughts later.


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