Thursday, August 10, 2006


Poker on the plan3t Gong would be perfect, aces every hand, people having all their chips taken as a punishment for sucking out, bankroll growing exponentially... unfortunately here on planet Earth things are a little different - thus this blog.

Since there are already 1000s of Poker blogs the idea is to make this one different. The ideas are as follows;
- Educational, for me and maybe for you. Charting the incremental learning which has recently changed me from a losing player to a (small) winner and hopefully a reasonable winner in the future.
- No bad beat stories... well unless they are funny ones.
- No ego. Its anonymous anyhow.
- Tales of the unexpected.
- Interesting links.

High ideals, will start with where I am right now. Frustrated by some SNG varience, too tight to cash MTTs regularly and not quite good enough a hand reader to consistently win at cash. Sounds bad? maybe... here is my month to date:

- $371 down on sit and goes (mostly Stars $15+1s)
- $500+ from the Stars Moneymaker freeroll round 3 (34th place - dissapointing)
- $1000+ from Ritz Club London freeroll
- $200ish down from various other MTTs (will start keeping better records here).

Not enough to retire there then. Actually having a couple of days off at the moment for the purposes of learning. Plan to make these a regular feature. Been through hand histories for the sit and goes and found a few -ev pushes (usually when the blinds are 150 to 200 range). A leak! Always good to find a leak.

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